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You are ready to head out on vacation, you are packed up, you have your tickets and camera and you have informed your neighbours to keep an eye on your home. Is that really enough though? Why ask a neighbour to put in at most five minutes of their day to watch your house when you can arrange a house sitter to protect your home from the inside out? Better yet, this person can also pick up around your home, check your mail and take in your newspaper. A house sitter is the way to go the next time you are on holidays.

Statistically a house is more likely to be burgled while it is empty. Usually when the owner is away on holidays. This is the main benefit of hiring a reliable house sitter. Most burglars and robbers wait until the home is unoccupied for a prolonged amount of time before attempting to break in. Hiring a house sitter creates a “lived in” illusion, deterring any kind of crime that might occur in your home. Knowing that you have someone experienced and skilled in your home to take care of it helps give you peace of mind while you travel.

If you have a garden, pool or even pets that need maintenance, there are house sitters that specialize in these types of home. Hiring a skilled house sitter to maintain your home and exterior can help save valuable money since a lack of maintenance for exterior elements of your home are costly. An experienced house sitter will also be willing to do simple interior maintenance, such as cleaning and picking up around the home. If mail is an important aspect of your life, you don't have to forward it to another friend or relative. The house sitter can simply check your mail and take in your newspaper on a daily basis.

To look for a house sitter, find a local or community listing site for your area. There you can post, anonymously if you prefer, your sitting needs, your location and what type of compensation you are willing to pay. House sitters are not an expensive purchase, since in return, they will live in your home free of rent for a determined amount of time. It is a win-win relationship for both the homeowner and the sitter. Developing a long, lasting relationship with a house sitter can open opportunities and increase peace of mind if you are a constant traveller.

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