House Sitting - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of becoming a House Sitter?

People House Sit or House Mind for many reasons. The main drivers are the opportunity to save on expensive rent costs or the potential to move around the country or even the world. In exchange for house sitting duties such as Pet Minding and/or Home maintenance as agreed with the Home Owner, you can experience many different new and exciting locations where you may not have normally considered living before. For example minding a farm or houseboat!

How do I become a House Sitter?

To become a House Sitter, register with a site such as or click the Link and complete the requested details. Be sure to add a good profile and photo, but donít worry as this can be updated at anytime. The cost for adding a listing to our site for 12 months is only $59 and is the cheapest site available.

How do I look for a House Sitter?

If you are looking for a house minder, click the following Link and place a FREE advertisement. You should add a detailed description of your property and area and add a photo of your home or pets. It is suggested that you detail the typical tasks or duties you wish the house sitter to perform, for example type of pets or water garden twice a day.

What are the benefits for Home Owners?

The benefits for Home Owners are they have someone reliable looking after their most valuable asset, their home! Just having the home occupied can deter burglars as the lights will be on during the evenings and post collected on a daily basis rather than building up as an advertisement that you are away.

Many Home Owners are also looking for someone to look after their pets. Animals can get distressed when left in an unknown kennel or cattery and removed from their familiar surroundings. A major benefit of using a House Sitter is that they can come into your pets familiar surroundings and provide your pets with the love, care and attention that you would normally give. Pets usually adapt quickly to another feeder, so itís a good idea to introduce a house sitter to your pets prior to your leave. After all it gives your pets a little holiday from Mum and Dad as well!

Who pays for the utility bills?

For longer duration House Sits this can be common and this negotiation will form part of the agreement between the Home Owner and House Sitter.

See our useful House Sitting agreement form which can help iron out those finer details and ensure everyone knows where they stand prior to the House Sit commencing.

Do House Sitters pay rent?

Again this will form part of the negotiations. Often the home owner is happy to let the House Minder live rent free in exchange for some services but some may require a small amount of rent. This is generally because it is a longer term House Sit.

Should I take a bond from the House Sitter?

This is purely the decision of the Home Owner. However it is common to often require a bond upfront from the House Sitter to protect against any concerns of damages. This is often the equivalent to a weekís rent for short term House Sits and often a monthís rent for longer term House Sits, such as 6 months.

A typical bond can be drawn up by a solicitor or at the local post office to ensure both parties are in agreement.

Our Website - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a House Sitter?

To become a House Sitter:

How do I amend my House Sitter advert?

To update or amend you House Sitter profile you will need to log in with your username and password, see Link and click edit listing to change your details.

How do I view Home Owner adverts?

On successful registration:

Why havenít I been contacted regarding House Sit opportunities?

There could be a number of reasons for this.

Why do I receive emails when I apply for a House Sitter opportunity?

When using the contact us feature within the site an email is sent to the home owner and a copy of this mail is sent back to you (ccíd - copied in) for your notification and reference.

This is so you can keep track of home owners you have previously contacted.

The Home Owner will receive your mail and reply directly back to you.

How do I register as a Home Owner?

As a Home Owner you can register on the site for FREE, by following the Link and completing the required details. Remember to add as much detail as possible regarding your property, area, pets and tasks needed to be performed by the House Sitter.

How do I amend my Home Owner advert?

To update or amend your home owner advert you will need to log in with your home owner username and password, see Link and click on my listing and then edit listing to change dates and description etc..

Why do I receive emails directly from House Sitters?

This is how our site works. All your personal details are securely kept from being published on the web, so we created a contact us feature where registered House Sitters contact you through the site to your registered email address.

You should log in to the site check out the House Sitter profile and reply to the mail as it will contain the House Sitters contact email address.

I am having troubles logging in to the site!

If you are unable to log in or have forgotten your username (registered email) or password, please contact us at detailing the problem and we will endeavour to resolve this issue for you as quickly as possible.

I am having trouble displaying certain website pages in my internet browser!

This is often caused with the use of various internet browsers. For example: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc..

You could try clearing your browsers history and cookies or try another internet browser. If you have a problem with a particular browser please contact us at detailing the issue so as we can endeavour to fix it.

How Secure are my personal details?

We have ensured that no House Sitters or Home Owners personal details are displayed on the web.

To ensure this is the case we have provided a contact us feature through the website. If you are comfortable or wish to liaise directly with a House Sitter or Home Owner you can request their contact number.

If you receive any abuse or wish to raise concerns on another member, please contact us at and we will take appropriate action.

Please consider we reserve the right to cancel a membership for abusive or threatening behaviour towards patron members.

We hope you find this FAQ helpful. If you have any further questions or feedback on the site, please contact us on


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