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People need to travel for a whole bunch of different reasons, but finding someone trustworthy and quite possibly at the drop of a hat to look after your pride and joy for several months can be an impossible task, so more and more are turning to house minders for the answer. Also, what with kennels and catteries costing a fortune it's no wonder people would rather leave their pets in the comfort of their own surroundings and in the care of fellow pet lovers, who will give them the care and attention they deserve.

The house sitting industry is fast becoming a popular way to travel the world and visit and live in locations and places that some people could only dream of. With travel costs becoming cheaper, house minding and pet sitting opportunities can prove an affordable, viable option for anyone looking for something different.

House sitting is already extremely popular in the US and Canada, however Australia and New Zealand are some of the more exotic locations that people are flocking too. From our general research and discussions with seasoned house sitters who happily travel abroad for house sit opportunities, we learnt that this is a great way to plan for a trip and help with holiday budgets.

"I am a retiree and always wanted to visit my grandson in Sydney, Australia and travel the east coast, but costs of travel and accommodation proved too expensive to give any serious consideration. However my grandson was able to find us a series of short house sitting jobs whilst heading down the east coast. It all worked out extremely easy and convenient and the best bit was that we were able to stay in some beautiful locations, in some very posh houses with some adorable pets and all for a pinch of the cost. All in all we had an unforgettable trip"

Sheila Patterson, UK

Considerations and Steps to House Sitting Abroad

  • Register your details on a trusted House Sitting Website covering the country or particular area that you wish to visit. Such as

  • In your advert ensure you list the most preferable locations and typical dates. However be prepared for the fact that there may not be something available in the exact area, so you may need to revise plans or consider other areas and options.

  • Use the site contact us features to engage the home owners and start a dialog. Ensure you ask the relevant questions and cover the required jobs you will be performing as part of the service.

  • Ensure you agree to some kind of official document outlining the responsibilities and duties of the house sit, along with emergency contact information. We have included an example for use: House Sitting Agreement

  • Most of all, enjoy your time and your stay. There is serious satisfaction knowing you are helping someone out and being rewarded for your help with free or at worst, very low cost accommodation.

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