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How Do I Become a House Sitter

Do you have a job that lets you work wherever you want and whenever you want? If you are an experienced telecommuter and you dislike paying rent, house sitting might be the job for you. Take your work with you and sign up to become a house sitter. If your job does not allow you to travel or work from home, then you just might be able to find a house to sit in an area that suits you.

Sitters get to live in exciting, different places around the nation, or the world, where they live rent free. Enjoy time in a new city rent free, meet people in a new community, and earn a little cash on the side without the obligations of owning a house by becoming a house sitter.

You don't have to be a telecommuter to become a house sitter. You might even be able to find homeowners seeking house sitters in your own city. The fact is that in order to become a house sitter, you need to know how to take care of a house. This does not mean heavy duty work that might put you in positions of liability. House sitters mainly need to know how to take care of a home with simple tasks such as picking up after yourself, checking the mail and newspapers, taking care of pets (if any) and for security purposes, maintaining the home while the owner is away.

A main concept for being a good house sitter is to know how to maintain a “lived in” look at the house where you are sitting. The “lived in” look means showing outsiders that someone is occupying the house. This is mainly a way to deter potential thieves and burglars.

When someone is in the home during critical hours, such as the evenings and weekends, there is a less likely chance that burglars will try to rob the home. This element of sitting is the most important, which is usually the main leverage of a homeowner making the decision to hire a house sitter.

To become a house sitter, visit a local or regional house sitting community site such as These sites often contain listings of house sitters, filled with details and profiles about themselves, and profiles of homeowners looking for sitters to watch their homes for a time.

Create a resume and list of house sitting skills and create a profile on our site to promote yourself. To increase your popularity, list housekeeping and home maintenance specialties that you are good at, such as maintaining gardens and swimming pools. This will increase the likeliness that you will be chosen as a sitter.

Another good option is to declair that you are able to provide a police record check. This will definitely give the home owner the impression that you are a trustworthy person.

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