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"Ideal Duo"

Age: 49

Available: Every Wkend, Public Holiday's, School Holiday's July1st-9th,Sept 23rd-2nd Oct, Dec 9th- 13th Jan 201

Location: Cairns, QLD 4869

Other Details

Occupation: Qld Education - Infrastructure Services

Preferred Locations: Cairns & Surrounding Areas

Additional Locations: Sunshine Coast , Sydney

Description: Offer a 5 Star Service & Peace of Mind I am very Reliable, Trustworthy and Respectful. I take pride in keeping a Clean, Well Kept Home & would Care for your Home as I would my own. I am a professional Cleaner and provide Spring Cleaning, Gardening Maintenance, Car Detailing. I love Animals and will look after Fur Babies, Attend Vet appointments No Worries, Run Errands Hassell Free. I Love Travel & Adventure with Long Term Goals Overseas!

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"Ideal Duo"

Location:Cairns & Surrounding Areas

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